Logo Design, Branding

Berg & LEVYL are electronic artists who frequently perform together. They both wanted unique brand identities that represented their styles and aesthetics. Extras helped create logos and identities for both of these talented artists.


Jordan Berger, who goes by the DJ name 'Berg' wanted his unique style emulated in the form of a logo and pattern. We worked together to create 3 different options that target different aspects of who he is. We worked on a Y2K design, modern design, and graffiti style design, each with their own distinct patterns. The winner was ultimately the modern design combined with the pattern of the Y2K design.


Will Levy, who goes by the DJ name 'LEVYL' wanted his style to represent his favorite genre of music: Techno. We worked together to create a logo that maintained the minimalistic aesthetic of techno while still incorporating imagery that represented 'levels'.


Berg & LEVYL have since gone off to perform over 50 shows across the nation and are continuining to grow to this day. Having an established brand identity has helped them maintain professionalism and identity as they grow their careers in the music industry.

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