Logo Design, Web Design, Software Design, Animation/Visual AI, Print Design, Slide Deck Design, Digital Presence Design

We've been privileged to work with CloseStrong from the ground up. CloseStrong, with its cutting-edge AI trained in proven sales methodologies, offers organizations an unparalleled tool - a 24/7 AI sales coach. This intelligent system not only tracks every stage of the deal but also provides actionable advice and feedback, significantly enhancing close rates. Our collaboration has been instrumental in evolving CloseStrong into a product that redefines how sales training and execution are approached in today's dynamic business environment.

Logo Design

In developing CloseStrong's brand identity, we selected a logo, colors, and typography that reflect the brand's core values and mission. The process was collaborative, focusing on creating a visual identity that communicates CloseStrong's approach to transforming sales strategies through AI.

Web Design

For CloseStrong's website, we emphasized clarity and user-friendly design. The layout facilitates easy navigation, while the design elements are aligned with the brand's modern image. Our aim was to create a platform that effectively communicates CloseStrong's offerings.

Software Design (UI/UX)

Our work on CloseStrong's software design involved using tools like Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create a user-friendly interface. These were then handed to developers to create their software. The design process focused on intuitive navigation and a clean aesthetic, ensuring a positive user experience. This design was then executed by developers into a functional product.

Animation/Visual AI

For the animation and visual AI aspect, we created AI avatars that convert text to speech realistically. These avatars were integrated into onboarding videos, combining clear guidance with engaging visuals to enhance the user's introduction to the platform.

Print Design

For CloseStrong's print design, our work spanned creating flyers, magazine ads, styrene signs, and backdrop banners. This diverse range of materials required a unified design approach that consistently communicated CloseStrong's brand identity across different formats. We focused on clear messaging and visual coherence, ensuring each piece effectively conveyed the brand's value to its audience, whether encountered in a magazine or at a live event.

Slide Deck Design

In redesigning CloseStrong's pitch decks, our goal was to enhance professionalism, align with the brand's identity, and boost visual retention. We refined each slide to ensure it not only matched CloseStrong's branding but also communicated its key messages effectively. By focusing on layout, typography, and strategic use of visuals, we created presentations that captivate and engage the audience, making each pitch memorable.

Digital Presence Design

For CloseStrong's digital presence design, we crafted realistic mockups of office spaces, showcasing their logo. These mockups serve as professional backgrounds for online meetings, enhancing the brand's visibility in virtual spaces. Additionally, we designed banners for LinkedIn and cover images for other social media channels, ensuring a cohesive and striking digital identity across platforms. This work aimed to solidify CloseStrong's online brand presence, making it consistent, recognizable, and engaging to their digital audience.


In conclusion, our collaboration with CloseStrong across various creative fronts—ranging from logo and web design to software UI/UX, animation, print materials, slide decks, and digital presence—reflects a comprehensive and cohesive effort to elevate their brand. At Extras, we've ensured that each aspect of CloseStrong's visual and digital identity not only aligns with their innovative approach to sales enablement but also distinctly communicates their value proposition. Through meticulous design and strategic execution, we've helped CloseStrong present a unified and professional image, setting a solid foundation for their continued growth and success in the competitive landscape.

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