Food Fighters Universe

Logo Design, Product Design, Promotion Design, 3D Design, Community Management

Food Fighters Universe was an NFT collection that merged dining with digital assets through its association with the Los Angeles restaurant Bored & Hungry. This NFT project offers holders special event access and free food, with involvement from celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Bun B, and Champ Medici. Extras was tasked with enhancing the brand's visual identity and managing a Discord community of over 5,000 members, delivering logo designs, product mockups, and out-of-home advertising.

Logo Design

We developed logos that bridge the gap between gourmet dining and the digital world of NFTs. This included the primary community logos and specialized one-off logos that reflect the unique dishes offered at Bored & Hungry. Each design was carefully crafted to resonate with digital enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike, ensuring the visual identity complements the innovative spirit of the project.

Product Design

Using the logos we created, we transformed these designs into product mockups that served as NFT specialty items for Bored & Hungry. These mockups were designed to showcase the potential real-world applications of the NFTs, enhancing their appeal as collectibles and enriching the customer experience by linking digital assets with tangible products.

Promotion Design

We crafted engaging designs for out-of-home advertising, including billboards and transit ads, alongside creating striking poster mockups for social media use. These promotional materials were designed to catch the eye of potential customers in both physical and digital spaces, effectively increasing visibility and interest in the unique offerings of Bored & Hungry.

3D Design

To engage and captivate the Discord community we managed, we developed innovative 3D visuals. These designs were used to communicate upcoming events and special offers, enhancing interaction and excitement within the community by providing a visually rich experience.

Community Management

We managed a vibrant Discord community of over 5,000 active members for Food Fighters Universe, facilitating engaging activities such as game nights, events, and contests. Our team also handled complaints, requests, and moderation to maintain a positive and engaging environment. Strategic collaborations with other communities for giveaways were instrumental in expanding our reach, contributing significantly to the rapid sell-out of the project within 20 minutes of its launch.


From logo and product designs to promotion and dynamic community engagement, each element was planned and executed to maximize visibility and interaction. Our efforts culminated in the project selling out within minutes of launching, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-coordinated digital strategy that seamlessly integrates creative design with community management. This project stands as a testament to how blending digital art with real-world experiences can create a powerful and engaging brand presence.

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