Logo Design, Web Design, Apparel Design, App Design

Our work with Gymind involved creating their brand identity from the ground up, including logo, web, apparel, and app design. At Extras, we focused on ensuring each element reflected who Gymind was, providing a cohesive and functional design that supports their mission to enhance fitness experience through technology.

Logo Design

We developed the name Gymind and selected its colors and design, focusing on appealing to the intended audience. The logo embodies Gymind’s bond with nature, incorporating mountain ranges to nod to its origins in Boulder, Colorado, where it first began under the name Mindful Muscle Fitness.

Web Design

For Gymind's web design, we crafted a site that captures attention through visual allure, using scroll animations and transitions to convey a sense of establishment and professionalism. This design approach positions Gymind as a seasoned player in the fitness industry, enhancing user engagement and reinforcing the brand's innovative ethos.

Apparel Design

In the apparel design phase with Gymind, back when they were known as Mindful Muscle Fitness, we undertook the challenge of creating fitness wear that reflected the brand's college-heavy audience. Our designs were conceived to resonate with their core message of mindfulness and strength, ensuring that even before the rebrand, their apparel made a strong, cohesive statement about their identity in the fitness world.

App Design

For the Gymind app design, our objective was to integrate various fitness aspects into a singular, cohesive system. We developed features that adapt to user preferences, promote healthy habits through gamification, and offer a straightforward interface accessible to users of any age or skill level. This design approach ensures the Gymind app serves as an all-encompassing fitness hub, making wellness achievable and engaging for everyone.


In wrapping up our work with Gymind, we've had the opportunity to contribute across various aspects of their brand, from initial concept to digital implementation. Through collaborative efforts in logo creation, web development, apparel design, and app functionality, we aimed to align with Gymind's vision for a unified fitness experience. This partnership reflects our approach to design—focusing on functionality, user engagement, and aligning closely with the client's objectives. It's been a process of mutual growth, learning, and striving to meet Gymind's needs and aspirations in the fitness industry.

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