Mixed Coffee

Web Design, Paid Advertisement Campaign

Mixed Coffee is a local business based in Mill Creek, WA, providing high quality coffee, teas, and food to Mill Creek and surrounding areas. Our client was preparing for their grand opening in a community that already had many established coffee shops.

The Brief

Approaching us with a vision to establish a commanding online presence, Mixed Coffee sought our expertise in website development and strategic marketing. Their primary objective was to enhance visibility and attract a broader customer base to their newly established coffee shop. Tasked with devising a robust marketing strategy, our focus was on delivering rapid and impactful results, all while maintaining cost efficiency to optimize resource utilization.

Grew reach by over 13,500 searches
Provided 524 new customers
Created revenue value of $245,232/year

The Problem

J"Embarking on the journey of establishing a new business from scratch is no small feat, especially in the competitive realm of online presence. Mixed Coffee found itself entering a market dominated by established competitors with strong digital footprints and stellar reputations. Despite the daunting odds, we embraced the challenge at Extras, recognizing the need for a meticulous strategy to outshine the competition.

Within 2 months of opening Mixed was the #1 ranked coffee shop in its area:

The Solution

We initiated our partnership with Mixed Coffee by delineating their short-term and long-term objectives. Armed with a clear understanding of their vision, we tailored a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new clientele and establish brand credibility. With the grand opening looming just a month away and limited historical data to inform our decisions, we meticulously assessed their unique selling points and competitive landscape. Inspired by Mixed Coffee's unwavering commitment to community and exceptional service, we crafted a plan prioritizing the development of an engaging website and targeted local SEO efforts. We emphasized the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving our ambitious goals, optimizing their Google My Business listing and website content to enhance visibility for key search terms. Empowered with actionable insights, Mixed Coffee implemented our recommended daily strategies, resulting in remarkable business growth.

Within the first 4 weeks of Mixed opening, over 8500+ reached them through google searches:

The Results

After two months of strategic implementation and foundational development, Mixed Coffee has achieved significant progress in search engine rankings. Previously absent from the first three pages of Google search results for key terms such as 'coffee mill creek' and 'mill creek coffee,' they now hold the top organic position for 'coffee mill creek' and rank third for 'mill creek coffee.' These improvements, coupled with our focused local SEO efforts, have resulted in an impressive influx of 13,571 unique visitors within three months (from the end of May 2021 to July 2021). Moreover, our strategies, combined with Mixed Coffee's proactive execution, have garnered over 50 positive reviews on Google.

Over 13,500+ new customers discovered Mixed within the first 2 months of opening due to our reach optimization:


The average customer spends $13/visit and visits 3 times a month. Mixed Coffee provided us data that our direct efforts provided 524 customers. This means that at a rate of $39/mo per customer, we generated the revenue value of $245,232/year.

Working together, we are proud to say Mixed Coffee is now an established and dominant small business that will continue to thrive and serve the Mill Creek and beyond areas.

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