Weighpoint Wellness

Branding and Logo Design, Website Creation, Social Media

Our work with Weighpoint Wellness involved redefining their identity from North Shore Center for Weight Management to better align with a digital-first brand approach. At Extras, we were tasked with creating a new name, logo, brand identity, website, and social media presence. Our goal was to ensure each element accurately represented Weighpoint Wellness's specialized services while maintaining a modern and professional appearance.

Branding and Logo Design

We developed a new name, color palette, and typography based on detailed market research, color theory, and typeface theory. These choices were aimed at enhancing brand recognition and accurately reflecting the services they offered.

Website Creation

Our team designed and built a new website integrated with a client booking management system to streamline appointments and client data organization. The site features easy navigation and is search engine optimized to enhance visibility. Carefully aligned with the brand's identity, it ensures a seamless user experience that supports client engagement and simplifies administrative processes.

Social Media

To kickstart Weighpoint Wellness's social media presence, we crafted and uploaded 24 multi-carousel posts across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This initial burst of high-quality content establishes their social profiles as active and engaging, providing a solid foundation that portrays the brand as well-established and professional, ready to interact with both new and existing clients.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Weighpoint Wellness across various digital fronts—from branding and web design to social media management—represents a comprehensive effort to enhance their online presence. At Extras, we've ensured that each aspect of Weighpoint Wellness's digital identity aligns with their specialized services in weight management and therapy. By integrating a client management system into their website, we've streamlined their operations, making it easier for them to manage client interactions effectively. These strategic enhancements have equipped Weighpoint Wellness to present a unified and professional image, establishing a strong foundation for their continued growth and success in the health sector.

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