Logo Design, Web Creation, Pitch Deck Design

WZRD MGMT, known as "Wizard Management," is a consultancy that propels social media creators to achieve significant growth. Founded by a social media influencer who amassed million-plus TikTok followers, WZRD MGMT leverages proven strategies to enhance the visibility and influence of its clients. Extras was hired to create a robust brand identity, design a compelling logo, and develop an engaging pitch deck that enables WZRD MGMT to effectively showcase their services and attract new clients.

Logo Design

We crafted a logo that embodies the companies wizard identity while also looking like a mouse icon to signify the companies emphasis on digital growth. The design combines clean, modern shapes with elements that emphasize magic & creativity, making it a core part of the brand’s visual identity.

Website Creation

We built an e-commerce platform tailored to sell merchandise, integrating a POS system for easy tracking and updating. The website supports the brand's goals by providing a smooth, efficient purchasing experience for customers, enhancing both engagement and sales.

Pitch Deck Design

We designed a pitch deck that clearly articulates the value WZRD MGMT offers to potential clients and partners. The deck is structured to highlight key services, success stories, and strategies, making it an effective tool for showcasing the company's expertise and results in social media growth.


Our collaboration with WZRD MGMT focused on creating essential tools to enhance their brand visibility and operational efficiency. From the impactful logo design to the functional e-commerce website and compelling pitch deck, each element was crafted to support WZRD MGMT’s mission of empowering social media creators. These efforts have equipped them with a strong foundation to attract and serve a growing client base effectively.

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